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Saddam Hussain Exclusive footage Of Death

صدام حُسین کا آخری دیدار۔۔۔

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STOP BURMA MUSLIM Massacre by Buddhists

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Racists Wouldn’t Dare To Bully Anyone Again

Racism is still quite common in most countries. Especially, if you're Asian and you're going to a school in the USA or UK, you can count on the local bullies to take your case. Most people silently endure this injustice, some choose to give back. This Sikh boy was being bullied outside of what looks like his school, and seemed like an easy pick. Till the boy actually hit back at his bully!


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Hamid Mir Revealed

Why Indian intelligence agency “RAW” was bombed Shaukat Khanum in 1995 ?

Gate Of Hell

George Kourounis becomes the first person to descend into Turkmenistan’s 1,000C pit of fire

How ISIS Train Children

Watch this Exclusive Video

How ISIS Train Children ?? ISIS is have issued a video on social media to where innocent kids are getting tough and hard training to become ISIS warriors. The kids are are wearing black uniform with a background black banner with Islamic verses. The kids are given physical training and then how to shoot and fight in the battlefield. These kids should be given education to become good engineers, politicians and doctors instead to kill the human beings.